Deciding to Break the Circle


"So, where are we going this year?" said Mum. "Another year has gone round and we have to decide what to do. Any ideas where you'd like to go?"

"I have thought about this. A lot." offered Tracy.

"And what places did you think of?" asked Dad.

"Well, there are all the places in Europe - Spain, Italy, Greece."

"Spanish islands too," interrupted Jimmy.

"And there's America," Tracy continued, ignoring Jimmy's comments. "I'd really love to go to Las Vegas. To see it for myself as I've heard so much about it. Caesar's Palace where all the Big Stars go."

"Ibiza is a good place for the sun," Jimmy went on as though Tracy had not ignored him. "Majorca too. Or Menorca, even."

"Wasting time in the sun when we could go and actually look around these places and everything they have to offer. After we have spent so much time and money getting there. It seems silly to just lie in the sun getting burnt."

"Don't be so negative, Harry," Pauline chastised her husband.

"I'm not being negative, Pauline. It's true. It is so stupid to just sit in the sun. We could all get skin cancer."

"Live dangerously. That's what I say," Tracy threw in.

"That's easy to say when you're so young...," continued Harry in his wisdom.

"There you go again, Dad. Meaning I know nothing. I do know things."

"I didn't mean that. When you get a little older you will be more careful."

Tracy stood up looking very indignant saying: "I'm going out."

"Tracy, don't you want to go anywhere on holiday this year?" Pauline said. "If you leave now, we may decide where we are going without asking your opinion." Tracy sat down, a gloomy look all over her face.

Pauline went on: "Can't we agree on something, just for once? This is supposed to be a family decision about where we are going for our holiday. And all we do is argue. Jimmy, you've been very quiet. What do you think?"

"I told you, the Spanish islands sound nice. I'd like to go somewhere like that. Lots to do. All those beaches."

"Two weeks playing in the sand. How boring," Tracy added helpfully. "Showing your age again, Jimmy. Twelve. Going on twelve. Typical kid."

"You're horrible, Tracy. You think you're so smart at 15. I hate you."

"We're no closer to deciding where we are going," cautioned Mum.

Pragmatically Harry advised: "If we don't cool down we won't be going anywhere. It'll be too late to book anything."

"School holidays are always a problem," reminded Pauline. "We have to choose sometime in July or August."

"It annoys me the way holiday companies bump up the prices in the Summer Holidays. Greed that's what it is. Pure and simply greed. And I'm not really sure we have the time to go anywhere. There are so many projects we need to get started," threatened Harry.

"What? Go nowhere?" bleated the children together. They were nearly in shock.

"That got your attention, didn't it? So, where are we going? We have got to make a decision. Come on. Lets have your ideas. So far we have July or August and Europe or America. It's a start."

"I want to go to Menorca," confirmed Jimmy.

"Las Vegas," Tracy said.


"Oh, anywhere you like."

"OK. Since nobody can make a decision around here. I'll do it. It's Margate. Again."

"Margate?" all three whimpered in concert.

After a little focused thought that this threat forced, the Internet holiday web page eventually displayed the island of Cyprus.

"It's amazing how breaking the circle of indecision can effect results," Harry later told Pauline.

© Louis Brothnias (2005), Rev 2 (2007)

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