Critical Illness




The material revealed here dates back to the late 1990s. I have made the conscious decision to hold nothing back. There is nothing to gain and much to lose. Hopefully, the situation that I describe here has improved over the last several years. Certainly, the poor health of those people affected by critical illness and the insurance they may have has become a more desperate situation, especially when they are in no positon to fight back. The posting of this entire series of related pages can be regarded as a catharsis. Severing that final bond that ties me to the past. The files presented here have remained on my computer for many years and resist resting. I have moved on in my survival. And it is no personal secret that these recent years have been difficult. I have had much to deal with, yet these files will not go away. I now have sufficient skills and 'know how' to publish this in the public domain. Where it all belongs. It may help someone. Just one person would make it all worthwhile. The insurance business from time-to-time makes its presence known as, once again, it becomes clear that little has changed. I try not to imagine the grief and despair that has occurred over almost a decade. There will be many stories like mine. Mostly unheard. Unknown.


I am fortunate that my condition allowed me to fight back. I was not prevented by way of physical health and my psychological state makes me all the more determined to exact balance. Justice. This has always been a crusade against the cynical attitude of the BIG business that deals with critical illness insurance. Abbey Life cynically refers to this as assurance. What exactly is assured? It's a fair question that remains unanswered. It is being somewhat na•ve to imagine it ever will be. Truthfully. Assuring profit to themselves most certainly. Assuring help in dire circumstances? Definitely not. My experience is testimony to that. Ironically, the very ones keeping the business alive are those who are expendable. There are always more 'suckers' around from whom to milk the cash and then to let die off so there are no expenses.


This is tantamount to theft, but it is never seen in that light. It's accepted as being 'the way'. It's sickening. It's disgraceful. When people are at their most vulnerable - dying - then, it seems, is the time to twist the knife. Tell them nothing. Increase the pressure. I have claimed that it is a deliberate action to speed them on their way. To die in despair. Again, personal experience led me to that conclusion. Frustration leads to depression, even if a critical illness doesn't have that effect. It can all lead ultimately to death. But that's business. It's a sickness. A critical sickness. There has never been an answer or even a response to this claim. I have challenged those in 'power' responsible for the success of the business (Abbey Life, historically in 1999, specifically as one such insurer, but it involved the Association of British Insurers - The ABI.)


The outline contained in these pages illustrates how it is literally trying to get blood out of a stone. Of opening a high-security vault door with a tin opener. I have been partially successful in that I got some blood, but I am still thirsty for more. Very thirsty. Very focused. Very determined. I am still totally aghast with a complete lack of understanding as to how these people live with themselves. Chasing money and leaving people to die. Without information.


The novel by John Grisham (The Rainmaker by John Grisham. Copyright © 1995)  cannot be recommended highly enough. A film was made some years ago. It reveals a great deal about the workings of this cynical business. A fiction? America? Read the book. See the film. Decide for yourself. The timeliness of this publication for me was very fortunate. My issues began in 1997.


It is quite likely that most of those employed in these businesses are totally unaware of what their employers do. I can imagine how the self-promotion (the propaganda) is sold to these people. And they believe it. ÔSucked inŐ and believing they are doing a great job. Like a parasite living off others in the most sickening way imaginable. This review targets only those who are aware of what they do. It's at the same level as arms manufacturers. Making the weapons that kill people. Profit by the death of others. Terrorists are those who kill people. It's a belief that they do the right thing. We just don't understand it. I don't. But to legally make a similar device like a bomb or missile or anything that kills and sell it is acceptable. And all endorsed by governments. Making money by the death of others is totally unacceptable. It's as simple as that. I equate these assurers with arms manufacturers. It's all a sickeningly cynical business.




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