I am


I am all around you.
I always feel comfortable in my own company.
I can wrap myself perfectly around anything that moves in me.
I will mould myself around anything.
I have no choices.
I always seem to behave in an unpredictable way, but if you know me it is not so really unpredictable.

I am one of the simplest of things, though I can be involved with the most complex of processes.
I can be fun and give great joy.
I can cause great distress though I wish you no harm.
I can cause devastation though I don't want to hurt you.
I can be dangerous though I can be helpful.
I can give life and bring death and I don't care whichever it may be.

I am warm when you are hot with effort.
I am cool when you are fresh and ready.
I do not change, but you do.
I am constant and always fresh.
I am a pool of resource for you.
I am.

I am gentle like a woman though I can be a tough mistress.
I can make life easy or difficult and I have no preference.
I will resist and give you a problem if you use more force against me.
I can make your progress easy if you use that force in the right way.
I am very fluid in my own movements.
I can teach though you will learn only by your own experience.

I am free.
I have no need to take care, but you must be careful.
I will always win and whatever you do it is impossible to beat me.
I cannot be controlled and the incautious will surely perish.
I just am and nothing will ever change for me.
I am just the water in which you swim.

Louis Brothnias (2004)

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