A Liaison


Cordeau was ruthless and definitely not a fair player and despised by many in the business world, though by some respected and admired. He always achieved his goals regardless of those who made the mistake of getting in his way. Several times he had survived police investigations that questioned his methods and connections, but expensive lawyers had always delivered and managed to just keep him clear of any successful prosecution. People would tremble around him very aware of the tremendous power and influence he commanded and in a whim he could devastate many of those people. Cordeau had never hesitated to act instantly and decisively whenever necessary and was renowned for being in complete control at all times.

Asset stripping is big business and he had made many fortunes buying-up businesses in trouble and then breaking them up and selectively keeping the profitable parts to make even greater profits, but selling on others. The sale for redevelopment produced extremely lucrative deals and Cordeau never gave a single thought to the effect on the lives of the discarded people who suffered from his dealing. Only profits mattered.

"Conrad, you'll be late," his wife had said and that had angered him. He was never late or early and she should know that. He was always on time. Always.

Over his business career, Cordeau had spent a lot of time travelling and had visited many countries mostly in the company of his favourite lady. More than 30 years had passed since this strange relationship had begun and in all that time he had never spoken to her about how he felt. This was very odd behaviour displayed by a man who would always speak his mind and invariably got his own way. As he sat snuggled up to her warmth gently caressing one of her arms, he viewed the moonlight sparkling in the ocean while reflecting on some of the many places to which they had travelled together. Journeys to Canada, North America, the Middle East, Australia, Russia. Japan. Though he had also travelled in the company of other not so expensive ladies, he went with Connie whenever he could. This particular lady was his one real passion, and though her cool white skin was like silk to touch, Connie could become a very hot lady when moved to action. Beneath the sun her skin glistened, masking a power Cordeau could only dream about. His own power and influence were reduced to almost nothing by comparison and he lived in a perpetual awe of the effect she had on him, reducing him into near silence. This happened every time they met and even after 30 years his excitement in her presence never waned. The feeling gave him the security he had never been inclined to extend to anyone else.

The announcement that the affair was to end left him in stunned disbelief. The thought that after such a long time this could all end brought real tears to his eyes. The news was unexpected and completely shocking and he had absolutely no power to influence the outcome. This feeling of powerlessness struck him in a way that he had never known before. A sudden rush of blood heated his face as he thought of all the people he had ruined throughout his business life. The devastation created without the slightest consideration. This lady had made him understand what he had never before experienced. In those few moments he had changed from a ruthless, power hungry man into a human being capable of empathy and compassion. A truly spiritual change. Cordeau realised what this lesson in life was about and it had been taught to him in just a moment even though it had taken 30 years to become aware. This remarkable lady had never needed to utter a word about it, but he had learned the lesson nonetheless.

As he came down to earth he visualised her looking down her nose, not in contempt, but with her ever present grace and elegance. This was the end. Their last trip together.

On her last flight, Concorde made a perfect landing at London's Heathrow Airport.

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