Seven Strikes Lucky


Over 36 years and struck seven times
Lightning bolts had found Roy in his prime,
Spending his days as a forest ranger
Life was to get that much stranger.

Roy's first encounter ended in the loss of a nail
From a big toe in a boot while walking the trail,
Then after 27 years of passing under branch and boughs
Hit again resulting in the loss of his eyebrows.

The following year when he was 64
A strike in the shoulder added another to his score,
The next attack set his hair alight
His survival ensuring he continued his fight.

In '73 Roy was blasted from his car
Rubber tyres saving his life in Virginia,
Once again he had cheated death
Taking just a lungful of The Devil's breath.

A minor strike simply injured an ankle
Teasing him and showing how life could be cruel,
Roy had survived strike number six
How lucky he was to escape nature's dynamics.

Out fishing one day in stormy weather
Roy tempted fate when he should have known better,
Sustaining some painful stomach and chest burns
How Lady Luck showed him many twists and turns.

Though it had tried over and over
Lightning had not stolen his life as a rover,
Maybe caring for trees was his protection
Against the dangers and offering some real affection.

Unlucky in love he suffered great loss
Taking his own life when his mind was in chaos,
Six years after the strikes withdrew
Nobody will know if number eight was due.

© Louis Brothnias (2004)

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