Silent Arrival


The planned novel with a working title ‘Silent Arrival’ has been reviewed and stands at around 4500 notes (280,000 words), organised into different categories. This base continues to grow (almost out of control), but underneath a theme continues to fester and evolve. The process demands critical examination to extract pertinent information. Enough topics exist for many separate and possibly related projects. Filtered chaff is never waste material.

The stage (storyboard) is very large and original ideas and concepts have to be developed from first principles. The placement of all the land mass (and its origin) on the Earth is complete. Anomalies about dinosaur fossil remains of T.rex being found in N. America and China have been explained. Many other curiosities have been resolved: where Atlantis would be found and why it would be found there (dinosaur fossil remains have logically been located in Antarctica). The Ring of Fire volcano circuit is where it all should be.

The origin and dynamics of Earth's Moon are suggested and even a possible reason for planet Neptune being closer to the Sun than empirically predicted.

The Scientist Speculates


"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody else has

seen and thinking what nobody else has thought."


Albert von SZENT-GYÖRGYI (1893-1986)




Reviewed: Sunday, 5th March 2023

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