What If...?


There exist two types of people. Those who are selfish and thoughtless and those who are selfless. I have often wondered what would happen if common sense prevailed and what life may be like for us all if that happened. Imagine: getting reasonable responses from people when a reasonable response is all that is necessary. Rather than attitudes that unnecessarily cause difficulties.

Parking a car in a convenient place, but the wrong one. A person who can walk normally who parks their car in a disabled parking space because it's near the store they wish to visit. Just so they don't have to walk too far. No thought for the disabled person who needs to park at a distance because they cannot find a disabled parking space place to park their car and must then somehow manage to reach the same store. What would it be like if able-bodied people left these spaces available? If they didn't act selfishly.

Or the hygiene at public swimming pools when parents bring their children to learn how to swim and fail to remove their outdoor shoes. They walk around a clean area without a thought about the contamination on their shoes. If only they thought that the children they wish to protect are being put at high risk because of this thoughtless act. What if these people could use reason and stay out of these areas and not interfere with lessons by being in the way and wearing their outdoor shoes?

I look forward to the day when I can go into a restaurant and not have to breathe polluted air. A choice exists of either sitting in a smoky atmosphere having a meal or going elsewhere. What if I didn't have to face such unwanted choices every time I want to go to such places? I don't smoke and I don't want to breathe in this poisonous air. I am sure I would get complaints if I lit a cigarette at a petrol filling station. Or maybe breaking wind in a restaurant? That would be an interesting one. I can imagine the outrage from someone smoking their cigarette about the awful air they must breathe. Quite an irony.

What if speed cameras were not needed? If people didn't exceed the legal limit of speed then cameras wouldn't be necessary. All cars are required to have a working speedometer by law. The idea is to keep an eye on it to make sure you stay within the limit of speed. Not difficult, but it goes against some peoples' idea of civil liberties. Selfish people who don't give a moment's thought to the freedoms of others to use a road safely. When they get caught for speeding, they will complain. What if they just kept inside the speed limit?

What would we do if oil became unavailable everywhere in the World? Virtually nothing could be manufactured as machinery cannot work. Products could not be moved around the country by road or between countries by sea or air. The nightmare we would all be plunged into. Black gold it certainly is. A natural resource being sold off at enormous profit. Governments profiteering from taxing a waste product. Which came first: the engine or the discovery of petrol from crude oil? What if the petrol engine had never been invented?

A nearly overwhelming sadness hit me the other day as I noticed a handicapped child with her Mother. I have seen them many times, but this time the thought hit me that this child will probably never enjoy the little things that we all take for granted. Just getting ourselves ready for the day ahead. Going to school, reading books, learning about the world around us. Such children are always so happy and that in itself is a blessing. A Mother's care and love cuts silently through many things. To see a happy child is the most wondrous sight I know. What if all the handicapped children in the world could be made better?

What if all this became what when?

What a great day.

© Louis Brothnias (2005)

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