The information reproduced here dates back to the period between 1997-99 and is most likely to have advanced since then. It should be used with caution, but is a starting point should you need to make your own assessment. The Arguments that I developed could never be tested and apply specifically to Abbey Life. It is the nature of working in a vacuum. I believe they are realistic, but personal experience (mine or yours) will differ.


A great deal of the source information was culled from the Mayo Clinic website: Mayo Clinic


This I found to be of high quality. Many other sources had been identified and the notes displayed here constitute the end result of my endeavours.


This information has two main purposes:


Primarily, it is intended to be useful information regarding several serious medical conditions. Between 1997-1999, I trawled the internet to educate myself about medical matters. And then to intergrate the facts with the insurance interpretation. It has been a very enlightening journey.


Secondarily, should you be considering critical illness insurance, the information highlights some of the pitfalls and potential traps to be anticipated. Expect nothing.


If you have a leaning towards the cynical, you will understand the perverse logic used by the insurance industry. See my: Journal posting


This is insurance, after all. I am still not cynical, but I no longer have any use for rose-tinted glasses. “Don’t get mad, get even” (late 20th century). It is my firm belief that a positive attitude and physical fitness is an unbreakable combination.


Critical Illness Insurance was my baptism of fire. My awakening. If you can afford it, get legal help, but be aware that the situation could have no immediate end. It could go on for a very long time. Expensive. This is critical illness insurance. And expensive doesn’t mean only financially expensive.


My vision is very clear these days. I woke up some years ago! This was the major upside to my journey: Xal clear thinking. It is my ‘joke’ these days that my logic is so sharp you should be careful that you don’t cut yourself on it!


If you have any requirements from this information I would urge you to seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. Above all else, seek medical advice. It transcends everything. Good fortune.


Louis Brothnias