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The advice that follows was originally written for someone who is probably a more mature adult with young children and is trying to mix family responsibilities with their own training.  The sport is Taekwon-Do, the Korean martial art. Circumstances such as these are very specific though the content here could equally apply to many other scenarios.


A little guidance to keep you on course : don't look too far ahead and only focus on your next goal. Your overall objective may be the same, but leave that for the future. You must first do what is immediately next to move forwards. You may feel it necessary to put other's needs ahead of your own and so hijacking your time. Be careful. I am not suggesting everything else comes no better than second place, but a reordering of personal issues may allow you to give your own needs the respect they deserve. By all means you should set yourself high standards but you should ease up a little to lay off the pressure you may be imposing on yourself by trying to stay on an old timeline that's no longer right for you.


You should review your situation. Your goals may be much the same but the timeline may need changing. To continue at a rate simply to stay on a target set some time ago is not always a good thing. Shift the balance a little to incorporate the needs of today and not those of yesterday. What you need to do may be the same, but to remain in control some adjustments may be needed. Do not let events control you. Take time to think and focus your thoughts. What is really important? Is it getting what you want in a set time or just getting what you want - even if it takes longer? Working towards other people's deadlines is sometimes difficult and it may become necessary to set your own time so allowing you to back off a little to give yourself time. What is the rush? You can be in danger of imposing unnecessary pressures upon yourself. With everything else that may need to be done it becomes unfair on yourself. Don't feel the need to rush ahead just to keep on a self-imposed time table. By being self-imposed you have the authority to change it. Use your time wisely. Give yourself time to appreciate your own wisdom and to be aware of how far you have come and what lies ahead. How close it can seem and yet so far to achieving your goal. It should be expected. If you need longer then take longer.


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