Don't impose limits.

Don't give yourself reasons why you should not do something only reasons why you should.

Don't expect perfection.

Don't ask too much of yourself. Just do your best.

DonŐt worry about unimportant events when you need to concentrate on the immediate.

Don't adopt othersŐ problems.

DonŐt ever get angry with yourself. It doesnŐt help.


Do be very clear to others how important it is that you succeed.

Do try to identify what needs changing and have the courage to change it. Whatever it may be.


Part 2


It is risky to assume a viewpoint without reasoning. Most of what follows is built on that theme. But first to recap.


á   You should review your situation to remove pressures.


á   Your overall objective may be the same but focus only on the next goal and deal with only one thing at a time.


á   You must have an action plan to follow that puts your own needs on a high priority and a schedule determined by you. This way you stay in control.


á   You should assess your own improvement from what you do now and how you do it in the future. You against you Đ your own personal best. Repeat successful performances but remember distractions can work against you.


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